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Electronics/Bluetooth Digital Wrist Watch Camera.


Dear ZZ‎‎‎

Is it possible to Transfer Digitally captured images from a Source Digital Wrist Watch Camera to a Destination Digital Wrist Watch Camera OR Wi-F Digital Cameras using Bluetooth OR Wi-F Wireless Technology ?.

The Source and Destination digital wrist watch cameras may or may not be manufactured from the same company.

i.e. Images captured from Camera A - Source ere to be transferred to Camera B - Destination and vice versa.

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Prashant S Akerkar

I see where a few blue-sky thinkers are working on a device modification to use bluetooth or rfid that will allow transfer of data including photos by merely bumping one unit with another.  I don't know the technology of it but it sounds interetsing.

Don't see why such a system cannot be developed using current technology. It is most likely a matter of who will pay the cost of product development and would it infringe on the many patents in this area.  And, is there a market or need for such device?  A novelty item for the early adopters and those who like gadgets.

Hope this helps.  


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