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hi i have a generator here and could i run it 12hrs every day at 3/4 load and how much petrol would it cost every week petrol cost 1.50 a litre , the G1200 generator has 1100W maximum output, a 4 stroke petrol engine and maximum 8 hour running time. It also features easy recoil start, low oil level cut out, overload circuit breaker and compact anti vibration design.
Air cooled 4 stroke petrol engine - 1100W maximum power output / 1000W continuous output
12V battery charging facility (12V DC @ 8.3 amps) - Running time of up to 8 hours @ load
Standard 230V (13 amp) 3 pin socket - Overload circuit breaker
Quiet running - 68dBA at 7m (1/4 load) - Easy recoil start
Fuel level indicator - Low oil level cut-out
Compact design with carry handle - Anti-vibration / anti-slip feet
Product Dims (LWH): 443 x 338 x 332mm. Weight: 25kg

If you ran it 3/4 load that would be 750 watts, let's say.
If running time on full power is 8 hours continuously then it would run, one supposes, for 10 hours at 3/4 loading.

So, in one week you would run 12 times at the 3/4 loading of 8 hours.  Then from above you can figure out the total consumption which is  times the amount of fuel consumed on each day,  then multiply that times the cost of the petrol.....

This sounds like a home work assignment, maybe?

So, I will stop here and let you go the rest of the way with it.

Cheers; best wishes.  


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