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Electronics/Pen Plotters and Inkjet Printers for Color Printing.



Inkjet Printers using Color Inks while Plotter uses Color Pens
for printing.

Model 1

1. Alternatively Can inkjet printer also can have Pens as a source for printing OR Plotter can also have Color Inks as a source for Printing ?.

Model 2

2. Alternatively Can inkjet printer as well as Plotter can have both Color Inks and Pens as a source for Printing. i.e. An inkjet has both Pens and Inks installed as well as Plotter has both Pens and Inks installed as sources for printing ?.

Can there be any advantages in manufacturing those above two Plotter and Inkjet Printer Models ?.

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Prashant S Akerkar

ANSWER: I don't know the detailed technology of ink deliver systems.  Inks used in various printers is a specialty item and the hydroponic functionality is important to the nozzles and internal pressure of the pen or cartridge.  There are reasons why one system is used over the other.  But inkjet printing technology has come a very long ways  whereas plotters are not what you would call a consumer item.  Therefore, the markets are different target users and that may be a part of why the designs extant are in the market currently.

Here is a little history that may be of interest to you in your studies.

Best wishes.  Have a good weekend.

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Thank you.

Can we install Pens along with Ink Cartridges in Inkjet Printers ?.

Could this be beneficial for printing vector as well as raster Graphical
color images ?.

Awaiting your reply,

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Prashant S Akerkar

I am not an expert on printer and plotter design.

My guess is installing different ink holding apparatus is not difficult mechanically.

However, the software and servo mechanisms that are used to drive the print head is sensitive to the weight or mass and writing speeds of the ink delivery unit.  These are intricate and critical for good results.  And, I don't know alot about this area.

You should dialog with someone in the printer business maybe.

Good Luck.  


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