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Electronics/Ringtones for Landline and Cordless Phones.


Dear ZZ


Can we integrate Audible (Music) circuit within LandLine Telephones
and Cordless Phones to recieve different ringtones similar to
which we get in Cell Phone Devices ?.

There will be Set Ringtone Push Button, One Push Button for incrementing and One Push Button for decrementing the ring tones selected on the Landline Phone and Cordless Phone Device.

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Prashant S Akerkar

Adding it to a VOIP land line (coming through Internet, Voice Over Internet Protocol) is easy to do. In America and I think in Europe many consumers use VOIP as their landline service.

Adding ringtones to analog landline phones is really difficult. It would require a digital add on of some kind to accomplish it and the home telephone would need to be totally redesigned.  I suppose it could be developed as an "add-on" with a little box by the side of the phone instrument that functioned the ringtone feature.  Maybe...   Same story for cordless; if the cordless phone is merely communicating to the analog service it is the same problem albeit easier to add as an "add-on" feature perhaps.

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