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Electronics/Fuel Dispenser Machine USB interfacing with Computer.


Fuel Dispenser Machine
Fuel Dispenser Machine  

A fuel dispenser is a machine at a filling station that is used to pump gasoline, diesel, CNG, CGH2, HCNG, LPG, LH2, ethanol fuel, biofuels like biodiesel, kerosene, or other types of fuel into vehicles.

Do you feel a Software application designed and developed can be also useful to the Fuel dispenser person (who fills up fuels) in
the vehicles to keep track of customers, How much fuel consumed and utilized, entering the vehicle number, vehicle type (two wheeler, four wheeler etc) ?. This software will be developed for Petrol Pumps stations.

i.e. Interfacing the Fuel dispenser machine with a USB Interface to the Computer. The Computer software will detect the USB Fuel Dispenser machine similar to a USB Camera, USB Printer, USB Scanner etc.

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Prashant S Akerkar

ANSWER: Well, it's a marketing question, isn't it?  Gathering such data may have application where the filling station has regular customers that provide these services.  For example, with the data collected the customer may be recipient of discounts or rebates for purchases over a period of time.  And, the data may may be of use in knowing the pattern of use for given customer or vehicle type.  The record may be of importance in criminal matters; time, quantity of fuels, etc.

I am not sure of the user interface and the added cost.  The cost to implement and the inconvenience of collecting and massaging the data may be an obstacle since filling station overhead is high and profits are low.  Also, usually a low level employee is attending the filling station; indeed in some places the filling station is totally automated and their are no employees present.

Likewise,  the customer may find this a convenience but most of them in the USA get a paper printout at the pump which gives the quantity dispensed and the time/date/cost.  Therefore, additional data may be of marginal value.

What do you think?

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Thank you.

Do you feel Credit / Debit Card Machine should always be available at all petrol filling stations for the customer as a choice of payment other than cash to fill fuel in their vehicles ?.

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Prashant S Akerkar

Yes, many countries in the world already have this employed.

For example, here in the USA as well as in Japan it is very rare for a driver to pay cash for their purchase. Nearly all of them do by credit card.  The pump the pull into has built in card reader.  After a short wait of a couple of seconds the payment is authorized and the pump becomes activated.  The consumption window gives a real-time running total of the amount of fuel inserted and the money amount. It has automatic stop built into the pump or the customer can set it for a particular amount or it can be stopped manually at any time during the filling operation.

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