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Electronics/square wave frequency generator


What a square frequency generator and what are its uses?

What would be the frequency typically generated in these devices?

Thank you.

Square wave generators are used for various kinds of testing.  Particularly in assessing linear bandpass circuits as the shape of the square wave it greatly modified when a circuit has phase shift or bandpass limitations, for example.

Other uses for square wave and pulse generators is for digital circuit and transmission testing.


Square waves can be useful at a wide range of frequencies.  The harmonic content of square waves make it a very wide range instrument and should go out to 10 or 20 times the fundamental frequency, for example.  As computer technology is getting faster and faster CPUs the testing of the operational aspects requires higher and higher frequency capabilities.

Here is a square wave generator that goes out to 2 GHz.

But, there are many classes and uses for them; you can google for square wave generators and get an idea of the kinds, types, cost and applications.

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