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Electronics/Two Wheeler Motorcycle Training Schools.



We see very few (Hardly) Two Wheeler viz Motorcycles, Bikes, Scooters etc Training Schools as compared to many 4 wheeler viz Cars, Jeeps, Trucks, Buses etc Motor training schools.

What could be the primary reason for this ?.

Do you feel the Two Wheeler Motorcycle Training School Business
will not flourish as compared to 4 Wheeler Motorcycle Training Schools ?.

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Prashant S Akerkar

ANSWER: I doubt if they will flourish.  Riders of 2-wheelers either have older family members, neighbors or friends who can give them aid.  Also, the sales company often gives basic instructions on how to use the vehicle they sell.  Such training often comes with the purchase of the two wheeler.

In 4  - wheelers they government requires licensing of the vehicle and the driver which formalizes the relationship between the government enforcement agencies, insurance companies, safety concerned parties, purchaser and family members.  It is a rigorous state of affairs as compared with most two or three wheeled transportation methods. D on't you think?

India has lots of bicycles on the streets; maybe that is good place to test the market.

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Thank you.

Do you feel the Key element for success to this Business would be keeping different varieties
of the Motorcycles viz TVS Scooty, Bajaj Pulsar, Enfield Bullet etc

i.e. Different Motorcycles Models from Different Manufacturers viz scooter, bike, luna, mopet etc which will offer a variety to the consumers who would like to learn 2- wheelers ?.

The Training cost will vary from vehicle to vehicle a consumer would like to learn a 2 wheeler.

Thanks & Regards,
Prashant S Akerkar

The diversity of 2 wheel and 3 wheels vehicular transports is so wide in variation that I am afraid the training manuals requires many versions to cover the types and the classes of products within the same type or classification.  The operating mechanisms and handling of the various conveyances is wide and divergent, don't you think?

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