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Can it increase more security to the automobile by adding a electronic swipe card in the front door of the car similar to a ATM Card in a ATM Machine that unless and until the Pin Number - Password is not entered properly, the Car Door will not get opened.

The Electronic Swipe Card will be provided by the Car Manufacturer for every customer.

Electronic Display unit - Battery operated will be fixed on the Car Front Door along with the push buttons for entering the password code. The Electronic card
will be swiped by the Driver. If and only if the Password code is entered properly, then The Front Car Door will open.

Do you feel Car Thefts can be avoided by implementing Electronic Panel Display Unit ?.

Thanks & Regards,
Prashant S Akerkar

ANSWER: This is not a new idea.  Several years ago it was common to have a pushbutton coded system where the car owner punched in a secret number by pressing the illuminated buttons on the drivers side door.  This code could be reset by the owner easily.  It is similar in that that a code is used to secure the automobile from theft.  The swiped card is a problem for the car manufacturers due to the event of card loss. In order to prevent severe inconvenience the door can also be opened by the regular metal key.  This does not solve the theft problem because thieves have punch tools that will knock out the key/lock system and get access that way.

There are many ideas for overcoming theft; maybe the best one is a secure locking system that can only be defeated by the car manufacturer sending down the unlock code by satellite after which the car owner has verified ownership with his smartphone or some other mechanism.

My opinion is the card swiping system is not of interest to the manufacturers or the customer.


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Thank you.

The password will be strong 8-14 digit, alphanumeric, special keys combination.

The same can be extended for starting the car. i.e. Inside the car. A Electronic panel with Swipe card. Unless and Until password is not inserted properly by the Driver after swapping the card, even if one tries to start the car keys, the car will not start.

This can be extended to Buses, Lorries, Tempos, Trucks i.e. Heavy Vehicles.

This will increase security against car thefts ?.

I Feel security will be enhanced on the Automobile against thefts.

1. One while opening the car door, a strong password has to be entered.
2. One while starting the car, a strong password has to be entered.

Also Two different electronic swipe cards are required, one for opening the car door and other for starting the car.

Thanks & Regards,
Prashant S Akerkar

Vehicle theft is a much greater issue than preventing entry to the vehicle being assaulted. Some thefts occur when the burglar tows the vehicle onto a flatbed truck and the vehicle is towed to a chop shop where it is cut up into parts for resell or shipped to another country.  Some thieves know how to break a window and steal the contents inside the car and begone in less than one minute, even though sirens or alarm is going off.

One method which is growing or becoming more popular in the USA is where a gps transmitter is mounted in a secret location on the car.  This "lojack" system can be tracked when the theft is announced to the police and within minutes they converge on the stolen vehicle and recover it before damage can be done to it.

Maybe a multiple set of protection is needed to be reliable across a broad range of theft activity.  Maybe your swipe card could be one of the ingredients of a complete anti-theft solution.

But, as it stands, just the swipe card implemented as you have outlined is, in my opinion, not very exciting and would not, again my personal opinion, be of interest to drivers, owners or vehicle manufacturers.

Sorry I cannot be more enthusiastic of your proposals.  


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