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Electronics/Central Air Conditioning System for Residential Houses.


Dear ZZ

Can we have a Single Air conditioner unit - Heavy capacity Ton
in a Residential House located outside in a Balcony and the cooling air is distributed through ceiling carried in ducting  
or piping media method ?.

For example : 4 Room Residential House - 2 Bedroom, 1 Hall room and 1 Kitchen room.

Now cooling air will flow throughout the House from the ceiling ducts/pipes.

In this case we will have four remote controls for each unit in the ceiling duct where we can switch on/off individual unit
Can we have a single remote control which will control all the four rooms temperature i.e. 1 Hall room, 2 Bedrooms, 1 Kitchen room.

The Normal way which we do was purchasing 4 AC units and installing all the four units in all 4 rooms. There are four remote controls for each unit installed.

Is this possible to design this type of Central Air Conditioning System for Residential Houses ?.

Awaiting your reply,

Thanks & Regards,
Prashant S Akerkar

The following URL will give you a collection of images showing various aspects of modern central air.  It includes photos or units, air duct installations, schematic diagrams of control systems, remote controlling features, zoning and various other aspects of design implementation.

It is very common in the countries of the world - and I am sure, including India - to find such systems.  Even some of the third world countries where a percentage of the population are able to afford such systems are using them abundantly.  Depending on climate, in some parts of the world it is necessary to have good, low cost, energy efficient systems for human health.  Here in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA where I am today, one cannot long survive in the summer heat without air conditioning.  Hence new homes that are being built cannot find a buyer without central air along with a central heating plant.  These systems are designed to handle all the temperature requirements and distribution of the forced air system for the whole house or office.

In some colder climates such as Alaska and norther Canada or perhaps northern Finland the need for air conditioning is not so strong.  And so on.

The need for energy consumption to be lowered is very political and of great importance to the environmentalists.  Hence, the builders of air conditioning and air handling systems are always looking for ways to improve their products and services.  Better motors, better design of the duct systems, better insulating materials around the air passage ways, better regulation of temperature through the more required spaces, set-backs at night to conserve on power consumption and so and so on.

And here is a patent that will interest you:

Hope this will help you with your research.  Cheers.

It is 90 degrees F where I am today; what is your outside temperature in India today?  


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