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Electronics/Final Project ideas ?,communication engineering


hi .. me and my friends are preparing for our graduation project .... we are in electronics and communication eng. we need to make a project that has something to do with space like (satellite communication) we have always dreamed to make something related to satellites or space somehow
we still have plenty of time

any ideas please ????

if there are projects that require additional courses ... please tell me the project idea and the required courses

thank you very much :)

Mars is in the news bigtime now days.

Why don't you do something related to the Mars Rover project.

There used to be a link where home enthusiasts could get control and actually move the rover around.  Try looking into that.

There are other URLs you can google for that give links to very interesting lunar and planet investigations.

You could also try bouncing a signal off the moon and receiving back with the echo and compute the distance by measuring the time lag in the reply to a ping or voice, etc.

Sounds like you'll have a good time with it.

All the best.  


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