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Thank you for answering my question. To answer your question, the only problem that I have with the switching power supply is that I need to learn more about it as well as a few other things. The reason I asked is because unfortunately I have a stalker who enters my house from time to time so I try to stay aware of my surroundings. When I saw that power supply it just didn't look familiar to me so I unplugged it and before I could even get to the computer to look it up, the spare phone started ringing. It was an obscene phone call, and the calls went on the entire week end, non stop, and after that intermittently through the week up to the present.
    I also looked the phone up, vtech model CS6649 since the phone calls began directly after I unplugged the phone and plugged in the spare. I learned that it was compatible with bluetooth. Not knowing much about bluetooth either, from what it sounded like, and please tell me I'm wrong, that he would be able to connect his cell phone to our house phone and listen in. If I'm on the right track then maybe I finally discovered the answer to all the strange things that have been happening here for quite some time. One of the things that i notice happening is the light on my cell phone will turn on by it self and it says, "in use". Could that be him? Also there is an area next to the t.v. that my voice sounds slightly amplified, could he be listening through the t.v's  or worse,could he be watching? I have a sinking feeling that this might be more than an over active imagination. Thank you so much in advance for taking the time to answer all these questions. For the last question, if these things are possible how do i stop it, for example the t.v., is it just a matter of programming or is there an actual bluetooth speaker inside?
         thank you, Lynn

The tv is strictly a one way system. Unless it has a Bluetooth functionality.  Which very few do but you can check the set specs in your manual.

The best check when you suspect something strange going on is to turn off the set and unplug the power cord.

For the phone I cannot say because I don't know the model number but if it has no power like removing the battery that would incapacitate its functions. Then you can get a better idea what may be going on from strangers or hackers.

Hope this helps.


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