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Electronics/Emergency Brakes in Automobiles.


Dear ZZ

1. Is Emergency Brakes Feature available in all automobiles ?. viz a. two wheeler scooters, motorcycles, bikes etc b. three wheeler viz autorickshaw, tempo c.four wheelers viz Cars, Jeeps, Trucks, Buses, Lorries etc ?.

2. In a rare case technically, the Emergency Brakes can also fail or not work in a automobile for the driver ?.

3. What are the real life situations where emergency brakes can be applied by automobile driver ?.

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Prashant S Akerkar

This is not an electronics category question but I will give you some observations that I offer only as an opinion.

Most vehicles have emergency braking systems where it is applicable to do so.  For example, emergency braking on a motorcycle or other two wheel vehicles may be more dangerous than not.

Public transportation conveyances certainly have such devices and usually implemented according to established practice and legal requirements.

There are devices and features now coming out on some vehicles that automatically engage the braking system when the vehicles comes too close to other objects.  These are offered as safety and protection of the vehicle and its occupants.

In commercial trucks the braking system is built such that the brake is held off by the hydraulic system of the vehicle; when the truck system shuts down due to failure or accident the brakes go to close and stop the vehicle.

Rolls Royce cars for a long time have redundant systems that take over in case the main primary system fails.

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