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Electronics/Temperature detection sensor for fabric in electric irons


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A temperature control dial allowing the user to select the operating temperatures (usually marked with types of cloth rather than temperatures: "silk", "wool", "cotton", "linen", etc.)

Is it possible to built a automatic temperature detection circuit  for different textiles i.e. replacing the manual adjustment control dial in a electric iron ?. i.e. The electric iron will detect different fabrics viz Cotton, Wool, Silk, nylon, polyester etc and automatically adjust the specific operating temperature for each fabric to be ironed.

Example :

Is this possible to automate these process ?.

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Prashant S Akerkar

It seems to me to be a very difficult thing to accomplish; not impossible, just difficult and expensive.  It would require a sensing mechanism to 'read' the material, its thickness and denier ratings.  Then an intelligent software system to know the best temperature setting and to compensate for the pressure of the ironing apparatus including the weight of the iron and the pressure of the operating hand.

Determining the fabric material may be the most difficult part seeing as it would require some way of looking almost microscopic at the fabric material and perhaps a resistance or chemical detection system as well; and it must operate quickly enough to prevent burning or damage to the fabric whilst the automatic sensing system has adjusted for the new fabric being ironed.

Some experts in the fabric area may have some background in doing this kind of detection but I don't know of any examples; rather I think some basic research would be necessary to get a design concept in mind.  And the implementation, even at the level of consumer manufacturing standards would produce a very costly device!

That is my opinion.

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