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Electronics/Windscreen Wiper Applications.


Dear ZZ

1. Is it possible to implement Windscreen Wiper for cleaning window panes in Offices and Residential places apart from its application in Automobiles ?.

Can A remote control with push buttons be designed for the Windscreen wiper for different operations viz Start, Stop, Increasing/Decreasing the speed of the Wiper for cleaning the window glass panes ?.

2. Do you feel this system can be useful (if feasible for manufacturing) for consumers to install  in Residences and
Offices for automatic cleaning of window panes ?.

Awaiting your reply,

Thanks & Regards,
Prashant S Akerkar

I think these ideas are easily implemented from a design concept point of view.  The difficulty is cost and installations which would meet the building codes imposed by government, meeting the stringent environmental issues, wear and maintenance.  The practicality is offset by installation expenses and upkeep.  Replacing the wiping blades is not an easy matter on higher up windows and the blades life expectancy is probably quite short with hot sun and inclimate weather conditions.

In fact, being able to withstand the wind shear gusts during stormy times is not small matter.

Have you considered the new surface materials that are now being considered by makers of products with painted and glass surfaces?  These new coatings, superhydrophobic materials, are so smooth and the adhesion so low that dirt, grime and liquids just roll off the surface leaving it clean all the time.  Automobile makers are already considering it for painted and glass surfaces.   You can purchase such materials already from a few manufacturers.  These materials are still in an early stage; are quite expensive and require special treatment for application to the surface. It is not yet known how long these super slick coatings will last under real-live applications but as time goes by and the processes and materials are perfected it will likely take over much of the cleaning aspects of society. No longer will we need to wash the car of the windows of your home or office building as they will just remain clean on their own.

Hope this helps.

Have a nice day.  


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