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QUESTION: Hi there,

Some technicians in my area claim that they can make an old battery to a new one. For example, they say that they can remove the cells present in a new nokia battery and fit it into sony ericssons's battery!!! They may remove old cells of the battery. Off course, both the batteries will get opened. But is it really possible??


ANSWER: If you search youtube videos you can find many ways of extending the battery life; repairing the charge system, etc. but you will not find a method of swapping cells from one to another.

While it may be possible to do where the configuration allows a one for one transplant of the cells you still need the same pin connections and size to fit a repaired battery into the intended phone.

In your example, the Ericson and Sony have shared manufacturing and technology and it is possible that a Sony model has the same or very similar battery as the Ericson and visa versa.

But, the battery is relatively inexpensive so why doctor up a battery and have an unknown battery source when a new replacement battery is available for less than $10.00?

Hope this helps.

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QUESTION: Hi there,

Let's forget about sony ericcson. Let's say that in one hand you have Motorola's battery and on the other hand you have nokia's battery. These technicians say that they can take out all cells of old Motorola's battery and insert new cells of new original nokia's battery in it. This is something I am hearing first time in my life. I mean opening two mobile phone batteries, one old battery and the other new, taking cells of the new battery, removing old cells of the old battery, inserting new cells of the new battery in the old one and here you have a new battery. They say that these old batteries will last long just as much as a new one when new cells are fixed into them. I am not saying that this is not possible. Technology is advancing and anything can be possible. But this sounds a little weird. Is this possible?

We know that batteries are available of various kinds of each mobiles phones, but most of the time when a cell phone model discontinues, its original batteries are not available in the market. Because when a company stops manufacturing a phone, it also stops the production of original batteries of a discontinued cell phone. I am not saying that batteries are not available at all, but these batteries are of poor qualities and manufactured by any company which focuses more on money than on the product quality.


Read this essay:

It is most often with cellphone batteries that the battery pack is hermetically sealed making it difficult to remove the cells and more difficult to install into the pack housing.

The batteries are often available for several years after a model is no longer produced.

While technically it is possible to swap cells it is very difficult to do unless the battery package is the same in mechanical dimensions and terminal connections.  Don't you think?

From just electrical point of view you cans swap good into the bad battery but for mechanical design and electrical connections it becomes problematic.

Is it clear enough for you?  Let me know if you have further comments or question.

PS: Batteries are high margin products and there are many manufacturers who make very good batteries at low, low prices.  And, often, when a cellphone model goes out of production there are many battery suppliers who have stock that is listed cheaply just to empty their inventory, so don't be afraid to use an inexpensive battery.  


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