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Hello,are there any devices that can shut off a battery-powered AM/FM radio headphones, and power to a home? Last night my fully charged headphone were shut off,I turned the switch off then back on,and they worked perfectly.Immediately after I did that, the electricity in the house went off and on a half dozen times-then off totally for over 3 hours.

It is not clear if you are asking if you have such a device at work in your home or if you want to obtain such a device.

FIRST: Typically an am/fm battery powered radio (w/headphones) have a self-contained charger built in to the set (Although some are external).  And, if the power goes off during the charge cycle the radio simply lies dormant; when the ac power is restored the charger begins again right where it left off with no danger to anything or no cause for concern.  And, it cannot shut of the power to your home.

SECONDLY: The household power is totally independent of any charging or dormant electronic device or appliance. In fact, to turn off the whole house power is not a simple matter and the only sure way is to go to the main power panel in your home and throw the switches manually to shut it off.

THIRDLY: When ever you see the power in your house blink or intermittently go off and on it is a sign of something going on with the power company delivery system in your neighborhood or the power supply region.  Could be an accident where an automobile runs into a power pole or a pole transformer exploding or something like that.  The fact your power was off for a period of 3 hours would indicate something that required repair or intervention of some kind from the power company.

Hope this helps. Let me know if you have more questions.  


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