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Electronics/Railway signals control system.



In cases where specific railway signals are not working on the railway tracks, is it possible for the motorman or train driver getting automatic alarms inside the train ?.

Can a electronic panel and a signal control system be designed within the train cabin to the motorman indicating railway signals strategic locations and signal status (red,green,orange) displayed as a map at a distance say 1 or 1/2 km before the train approaches a railway signal ?.

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Prashant S Akerkar

ANSWER: Your proposal seems very intelligent and within normal bounds of todays technology. I have seen similar systems at work in Japan on the ShinKanSen high speed system but I know nothing about its design and operational features; I have only seen the control panel in the head car showing status indicators for various places on the network maps.

But, not being an expert in this area, I will refrain from giving any further advice so as not to mislead you on the subject.!%3B220%3B182

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Can i get inputs, views and opinion from your end regarding the pros
and cons if such a system is integrated within the train cabin to the motorman ?.

Examples :

The railways signals positioned at strategic locations near the railway tracks can be completely or partially eliminated if such a system is built ?

The motorman will have a better control of train operations ?.

The cost of building and implementing these systems will be not a significant amount ?.

These systems if implemented will better for Long distance trains as compared to short distance Local trains transport or vice versa ?.

Awaiting your reply,

Thanks & Regards,
Prashant S Akerkar

I don't have enough experience in this area of transportation.  I think the railway systems are always expanding their technology since they have good electrical communications via the tracks. There is no reason for them not to have good safety practices and seemingly the technology is sufficient for them to conjure just about any kind of scheme.  But, regulations are very critical for them because of local and regional governmental procedures so whatever they do would have to go through some jurisdictional and governmental agencies for ratification or congressional approval.  So, my opinion is the greater matter for implementation may be a legal and political question.

Sorry I cannot provide you much more on this one.  


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