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Electronics/Triple Fuel Source Input Automobile.


Dear ZZ

Is it possible to design and manufacture a Triple Fuel Source Input Automobile that can run on Petrol, Diesel as well as CNG (Gasoline) ?.

What are the limitations factors for constructing the same ?.

Petrol, Diesel and CNG Engine have to be constructed within the Automobile ?.e three engines. This could be a difficult system to implement ?.
There will be three different source fuel inputs one for petrol, one for diesel and one for gasoline example engine front, left and right rear ?.
Cost factor for the automobile will increase ?.
Will it become a complex automobile to be constructed ?.
Among a Four wheeler viz Car, Truck, Bus etc and Two wheeler viz Motorcycle, Scooter etc , which will be more difficult to manufacture ?.

Thanks & Regards,
Prashant S Akerkar

I am not an expert in this area and the question does not relate directly to the field of electronics so you should not attend to my answer as it is only a random opinion.

The technology of each engine for the fuels you suggested is quite different.  The fuel feed, carburation and combustion are different in each case.  To design a universal engine that would run on either fuel would be extremely difficult and expensive.  It is not a practical idea in my opinion.

However, such engine types have been considered and reported on see:

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