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Do you believe artificial intelligence is obtainable in the near future? What do you think the major problem is in creating it?

There are many depths of true artificial intelligence.  To be able to "think" and "reason" like an organic animal is a very long way away.  Maybe we need God's intelligent and visionary assistance with it!

But, lower level intelligence like what is used to keep the heart going and movement of motorized parts of the human body are not so difficult.  The advances in place now for robotics and automation in advanced and 3D manufacturing is an important step along the pathway.

The big problem is that inorganic things like transistors and integrated circuits don't think and don't have emotion and observational skills.  And, software control of mechanical eyes and ears can't yet process and hold these images in ways that cause them to reason and compute new ideas or concepts.  In other words, we just haven't come up with programming skills and keys to understanding how the real human or animal brain works.

High level AI is several years away in my opinion.  


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