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My wife and I both have IPhones and are on the AT&T network.  We have a camper at a lake that we go to on the weekends.  We get very poor reception there with our phones (usually no more than one or two bars).  Is there any kind of device we can buy (some sort of antenna maybe) that we can install that will boost the signal to and from our phones?

Yes, there are signal boosters and antenna that you can purchase from Amazon and other such places including Walmart or Bestbuy.  They range in price from cheap to not cheap at all and up to very expensive.

However, they are not all that successful when you are in a low signal area  -  and they are not so very easy to work with.

I would prefer that you either change phones and providers or purchase an alternate phone that gets better reception in the area of the lake you visit.  For example, you can get a tracfone for under $10 and cost of minutes is cheap.  Depending on the model you can get a different  signal provider such as verizon or sprint; you have to check the phone as the different models don't always sign on the same carrier.  

Check the coverage maps for other carriers and see what they can offer.  Verizon generally has the best overall reception throughout the USA with ATT a close second in coverage.

Checking the coverage maps for verizon vs att you might be able to get better lake front service.

Hope this helps.  


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