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Is it possible that someone could create an electronic or robotic device with human intelligence that could learn?

Well, that has been the goal of advanced software development, Artificial Intelligence research and robotics.  We are making some progress with it but it is going slowly.

On the tv game show Jeopardy they put the IBM monster computer against the best players and Ken Jennings beat out the computer in answering the questions from Alex Tribeck.

But, it really depends on what you mean by 'learn'.  If it means memorize or store information then all basic computers do that.  If you mean to select answers from preprogrammed questions inputted to the computer then it is easy to do.

But, if you mean real thinking and reasoning - it is along way off.  Organic computing and other technologies are in various phases of research but it may be years before we see true artificial intelligence and thinking with machines.

The above is good reading on this subject.  There are others you can find on google or bing.  


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