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How long does it take to build a full functioning robot?

Right now a full functioning, multi-task, thinking and reasoning robot is not possible; we don't have the knowledge, yet, of this level of artificial doings.

Limited functioning robots are all over the place.  I have a question for you?  Do you think if they raise the hourly  price of wages for workers in the food industry the humans will be replaced with machines?  It is very possible, technically, now, today for engineers to design robotic manufacturing of hamburgers and potato chips. It is a matter of cost, not technology.  How many workers were replaced with machines when ditch digging equipment and mine drilling machines came along?  Energy and electric controls and now software and electronic wizardly will replace many of the mundane things we do daily.  What do you think? The Internet is replacing the public Library? Or not?

The need will be the driving force, ultimately, and someday with the assistance from the almight creator above we will teach transistors and massively integrated circuits how to think and reason and be duplicate the 7 senses integrating them all into human actions.  Maybe.  When? I don't know.  Do you?  When do you think?  


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