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Electronics/Smartphone with inbuilt mini DVD/CD Drive.


Dear ZZ

Is it possible to manufacture a Smartphone device with inbuilt mini
DVD / CD Drive  ?.

The DVD / CD Drive hardware electronics and the supporting software drivers to play data (audio,video etc media) stored in mini DVD / CD ROM Disks ?. The mini disks will have a smaller circular radius as compared to Standard DVD / CD ROM Disks.

Do you feel is it possible to built this hardware within a Smartphone
device ?.

Awaiting your reply,

Thanks & Regards,
Prashant S Akerkar

Yes.  But it is not a very good idea in my opinion.  Why?  It will add size and weight to the product. It will gobble up lots of battery power and require larger battery size.  It will make the product unappealing to potential users.

Finally, the disk or packaged media business, such as CD, DVD, etc. is all going away with the advent of high speed downloading from the Internet or 3G or 4G or whatever delivery system will be next.  Also, memory size is getting smaller and greater storage capacity so maybe builtin memory storage can replace the use of disc based media.

So, conclusion?  Not a great idea in my opinion.  


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