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What could be the Design considerations for a Towing service provider which provides Towing services for Disabled Heavy Vehicles viz Trucks, Buses, Lorries etc ?.

Which is relatively a correct method for towing heavy vehicles ?.
Will both the methods work efficiently ?.

1. The disabled heavy vehicle viz Bus, Truck, Lorry etc is pulled by another towing truck ?.

2. The disabled heavy vehicle viz Bus, Truck, Lorry etc is carried on another towing truck similar to a goods train ?. i.e The Disabled Heavy vehicle's weight is on the Towing truck.

What could be the design considerations in terms of engine design for the Towing Truck which provides services for disabled heavy vehicles ?.

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Prashant S Akerkar

Below URL is an example of some towing vehicles and services provided.

There are many others that you could google for.

ONE:  Some disabled vehicles are easily towed but if roads are narrow and lots of steep hills the towing vehicle may need to be very powerful and robust.  For example there are towing vehicles so large in the wintery section of the uSA that can tow gigantic snow removal vehicles working on Interstate Highways.  These tow vehicles have tires on them that are 8 feet in height.  

TWO:  For flat bed towing the bed must be large enough to accommodate the unit under tow.  Sometimes compromise solutions are in order. In the case the stranded vehicle is too large for a flat bed but damages are too severe for towing a rig can be used which allows for the defective front end or back end to be mounted on a trailer and towed in that fashion. In these cases the towing company must send out the proper towing vehicle.

See the various types of towing vehicles in this URL:

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