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Electronics/Cataract Laser Surgery at Residence.


Dear ZZ

Ophthalmology Medical case :

Suppose a patient calls the clinic and asks the eye surgeon for performing the Cataract Laser Surgery at his/her Residence, Will you perform the Cataract Laser Surgery at their residence being a eye surgeon ?.

The patient is ready to bear the extra costs viz travelling expenses, medical equipment transit, Residential House evaluation etc apart from the Cataract Laser Surgery cost.

If Answer is either Yes or No, Can u specify the reasons ?.

Awaiting your reply,

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Prashant S Akerkar

Normally eye surgery is done in controlled environment with big, heavy expensive machinery. Time and further development has brought the cost of machines and their bulky size to much more desirable levels.  But, still, it is not universally a home based procedure.

One company is exploiting the in-home solution however:

I do not know of the success of this system; it was obtained with a google search.

This question is not in the 'electronics' area and I am not an expert in this category so my reply is just from my own estimation and observations.

Hope it helps.  


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