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Electronics/Portable Laser Machine For Cataract Laser Surgery.


Dear ZZ

Are there Portable Laser machines available in market for performing cataract laser surgery ?.

If yes, can you list the Manufacturers for the same ?.

If not, Is it possible to design and construct the Portable Laser Machine for performing Cataract Laser Surgery ?.

Thanks & Regards,
Prashant S Akerkar

Eye surgery is a very sophisticated science and there are various solutions to cataract disease treatment.  Each requiring  different skills and technological instruments.  Perhaps this wiki page will help explain the methods, types and approaches to the various levels of eye defect.

It is a broad field with many specially developed and engineered apparatus.  Please refer to this tutorial on Femtosecond laser instrumentation:

I could not find any firm manufacturing portable laser surgery machines.  It may be there are none due to the sophisticated nature of the apparatus, its cost and large size due to supporting peripheral equipments needed for a complete system.

The Multimedia Laboratory of Georgia Tech in Atlanta, GA has developed a tool using laser technology that allows the surgeon to obtain tactile response to the hands whilst performing the surgery thereby increasing the reliability and accuracy of the surgery but I have only seen the lab version and don't know if it was commercialized or not.

That's  all I can offer at this time.  


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