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Electronics/Electronic road traffic signal boards.


Dear ZZ

Do you recommend to have all Electronic road traffic signal boards Displayed on the LCD or LED Panel?.

Examples - U turn, Steep curve ahead, School Ahead, No parking etc


Electronically speaking it is a good idea because this technology is very much available and is especially good for night time periods and dark days when weather is overcast or raining/snowing.

But, when the traffic is light and not large enough volume of vehicles the road authority may not be able to budget the extra, high cost of such advanced signage.  Whilst the  LCD/LED signs are very much being used in various parts of the world the cost for manufacturing and installing them has not been a worthwhile investment for some regulatory agencies and authorities.

Here in the USA many private organizations are using them on their own properties and in heavy commercial areas they have been deemeed necessary due to congestion.  However, it is a long ways before the LCD/LED signage becomes universal.

I hope this helps your study in this application.  


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