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Sir/madam ! I know what is reactive power. But some say the reactive power is useless power. Others say the reactive power is important to maintain good voltage profile. Which one is true ? I am totally confused with this concept. If reactive power maintains good voltage profile. Please explain how it maintains good voltage profile with waveforms and examples.

Thanks for your previous answers.

I think you may have gotten a wrong idea about reactive power.  It is merely the fact of life when there are inductive or capacitive elements in the AC circuitry.

In some machinery systems the reactive circuitry is desirable for control and regulation of the machines.

In power delivery systems reactive power eats up power with I*2 X R losses in the power lines.  Thereby making it desirable for a low pf (power factor) to keep losses and power consumption to the lowest level.

In electronics we use reactive elements for tuning and frequency selection by properly introducing reactive elements (capacitors and inductors).

So, in a power distribution system it is common to introduce a reactive element near the load system in order to keep the voltage and current in phase.

However, since the reactive current must travel on the lines it can introduce IR voltage drop due to the current, even though it is not adding to the delivery of power to the load.

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