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Electronics/Electronic safe deposit locker in Banks.


Dear ZZ

Do you feel Electronic safe deposit locker
should be preferred over mechanical safe locker in Banks?.


My electronics background has not caused me to enter into this segment of products.

I can only offer you my opinion.

Security for banks is getting very important since the wave of Identity theft has become such a big problem.  Banks need double or triple redundancy entrance systems for customer as well as bank locker access.  Mechanical locking systems are very secure and only the right key(s) can let the customer into it.  Privacy during access is also important which has to do with the physical layout of the locker area.  And, careful records must be kept of the title holder of the box, entry times, name of person, signatures, etc.  The latter are more productive if an electronic system is employed.

Therefore, I offer my opinion based soley on my very limited knowledge of this industry, that the best solution is likely a combination of mechanical locks on the actual lock box and enhanced entry and record keeping system that is electronic.  The customer needing access to the locker would have entry given when preliminary records and verification are secured upon which a set of keys would be granted for access to the main room and for the box, etc.  

I looked through some online systems and find some of the newer banks are using systems similar to what I have conjured above.

Hope this helps.  


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