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Electronics/mesh currents circuit


book problem
book problem  

my answer
my answer  

I am trying to solve for the currents in a simple circuit.  My answer seems to be very close to what the book has, but I am slightly off and don't know why.  Please see the 2 attached pics, of the problem from my text and my solution.

The issue is with the 1st row of the resistance matrix, which is the left loop for I_1 current.  I did a clockwise sweep for KVL of all 3 loops, and they agree with the book, it's only the 1st row of the matrix (left loop) which is off.  

Any idea why?  

Thank you.

Looks okey to me except for the 7 and 5 which are going the wrong direction.  Current is positive in loop 1 for the KVL but is overpowered by the loop 2 current and comes negative.

Do you see it? Book is right; your answer is okey if you change signs on 7 and 5.

Good Luck.  


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