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I always stuck when solving circuit using Kirchhoff 's law. besides, its application! sir! what are the application of Kirchhoff 'law?  how can ones invent a  circuit  or electronic project  that require Kirchhoff 's law to compute voltage & current?

Here is a good, but simple, example. Let's you are running a line out audio signal into a mic input on a mixer console and you want to reduce the line level which is generally about 1 volt in amplitude to a mic level which is maybe 1 mv required.

The tutorial above give an idea of a simple network which will reduce the output to some required reduction.

Here is another example of mixing two inputs into one output:

Here are a couple of youtube tutorials that may help:

The above one is quite lengthy but a good one; you can skip through it to get the essence of it.

Good Luck.  Hope it all makes good sense in due time.  


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