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Electronics/Magnetic effects of electric current.


The force of repulsion between two parallel wires is f when each one of them carries a certain current I.If the current in each is doubled,the force between them would be_______.
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From the Internet, This reference for your consideration:

And from the bottom segment of that page:

"The formula used to calculate these attractive or repulsive forces is:

F =   Bperpendicular IL
F12 =   (oI1/2πr) I2L2
F12 =   (o/2πr) I1I2L2
F12 =   (4π x 10-7/2πr) I1I2L2
F12 =   (2 x 10-7/r) I1I2L2


F12 represents the force on wire 2 caused by its presence in the magnetic field of wire 1
I1 is the current flowing in wire 1
I2 is the current flowing in wire 2
L2 is the length of the current segment of wire 2 in the field of wire 1
r is the distance between the wires"

The force is linearly related to the distance between the wires and also linearly related to the current flow.

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