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Electronics/SMT/SMD component Identification


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Can you Identify this component? I have looked for days now and nothing matching exactly what I have here. See pictures. There are 10 pins in total. The size is noted in the photos.   Thank you for your expertise and for your time!

First, don't think it is a SMT/SMD (surface mounted technology/device) because of the long legs.  Surface mounted components have solder down tabs, usually.

Was there no marking on the top of the case?  Usually that would find some mark or number.

These packages are not so popular any more.  I know that in earlier days this package contained resistor ladder packages for use in analog to digital conversions and similar functions.  And, some integrated circuits have been in this package however the only ones I remember were proprietary applications.

I did a quick search through but did not find a match. But there are thousands of possibilities to search through.

Differential amplifiers and buffers were also, once upon a time in a 10pin can:

Hope this helps.  Identifying components where no information is known is a difficult matter for sure!  


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