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I have 120vac input to rectifier & I need 110vdc to 120vdc out of rectifier. but Iam getting i need a different rectifier. or a capacitor to up the voltage.will a capacitor hold up to a constance used circuit ???

Well, you didn't give me enough information to know what is going on.

ONE:  Is it a full-wave or half-wave rectifier?
TWO:  Do you have any ripple reducing at the output to smooth out the dc?
THREE:  Are you using a peak reading voltmeter or dc average reading?
FOUR:  Have you seen the output on a scope? It could be the unfiltered output has peak of over 110v but the meter is reading an average value dc which is much less.

I think you should try a large cap at the output to act as a ripple filter/reducer and look at the output on a scope so you can measure the peak dc output.

Let me know more from the questions above and we can go from there in the followup.

Good Luck.  


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