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I have heard alternating current is safe for the human body above 700 hertz.  Is it safe for animals and plants in general?  And if you douse someone with water when AC is flowing through him/her even above 700 hertz, would that person get electrocuted ?

The conductivity of the human body varies greatly depending on so many conditions.

However, most authorities on the subject will say that anything above 15 to 20 volts, ac or dc, can be dangerous to ones self.

From Wikipedia you can read:

"Other issues affecting lethality are frequency, which is an issue in causing cardiac arrest or muscular spasms. Very high frequency electric current causes tissue burning, but does not penetrate the body far enough to cause cardiac arrest (see electrosurgery). Also important is the pathway: if the current passes through the chest or head, there is an increased chance of death. From a main circuit or power distribution panel the damage is more likely to be internal, leading to cardiac arrest.[citation needed] Another factor is that cardiac tissue has a chronaxie (response time) of about 3 milliseconds, so electricity at frequencies of higher than about 333 Hz requires more current to cause fibrillation than is required at lower frequencies."

The above reference is from:

I have no idea where the 700 Hz comes from.  I would tend to discount it as having any authority in the matter of safety or lethal effect to the human race.

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