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Electronics/3D Movies in home Theatre systems


Dear ZZ

Is it possible to watch 3D Movies in home Theatre systems Using special Glasses?.

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Prashant S Akerkar


Maybe this primer on 3D television will help.

Of course, the television being used must be equipped with 3D technology and the glasses used must be those designed for that tv.  And, also, the program content must be encoded for the 3D tv standards.  If the movie is coming from off-air broadcast or satellite reception it must be encoded according to the receiver's technology or format.

However, read the tutorial above about broadcasts of 3D tv programs as there are some problems remaining about that.  Most 3D equipped home theater systems are optimized to play dvd movies with 3D video programming.

The above is very informative, also.

The movie theaters that offer full 3D feature are using projection equipment that displays on the big screen two frames with different cinema thereby bringing clear 3D effects but everyone in the theater must wear the glasses.

I don't know it I answered clearly your question but please send followup if you need more.  


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