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Electronics/Lcd panel display for Bus stops.


Dear ZZ

Do you recommend to have Lcd panel display for Bus stops displaying Bus numbers and Destinations?.


Yes, of course. They are everywhere.  Many municipal and government transportation systems and networks in developed countries use lighted panels of various kinds, many of which are LCD or similar panels.  Some of the older systems are using LED lights and variations.

The above link highlight various passenger information strategies and shows some of the display panels used.

The above link is an interesting DIY (Do It Yourself) tutorial on setting up transit display signs using current displays, LCD or other kinds.

In Japan there are subway, train, bus, airport signs using LCD panels and other display devices literally everywhere; in retail shops, in department stores, subway stations, train depot, airport, etc.  Same with London, Paris and other major cities of the world.

But as for bus stops in particular they are common at high density locations but not so common at the far out stops where rider density is less and less.

More common are rolling display signs built into the front of the bus, usually over the top of the windshield where it it easy to see by the waiting passengers.

In the link above see the entry for April 2005, about half way down the page.

Hope this helps.  


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