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Electronics/Altimeter Flight instrument.


Dear ZZ

Do the altimeter Flight instrument indicates with accuracy the plane Altitude from the ground level to the pilot?.

How does the Altimeter instrument measure the Altitude?.


Well, there are different types of altimeters.  
- Those that rely strictly on air pressure changes as altitude increases.
- Those that use global positioning system
- Those that use radio waves for the calculation
- And, perhaps there are other types.

Here is a summary of how they work; it is worth scanning down through the devices mentioned.

Here is another survey of altimeters used in aircraft.  There are many Internet listings if you google, but I liked this one for an overview:

For accuracy there are many long, technical discussions for the various kinds and pages of tech talk that would take hours to condense.  But, the following web page is a good overview for the field.  There are also standards published by various aviation organizations that require altimeters to meet accuracy requirements.

In general it seems that a resolution of about 20 feet or 3 meters is achieved.

There is much more to say, so send a followup if you have more questions.  


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