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Electronics/CNG dispenser machine.


Dear ZZ

Is the input gas source to the
CNG dispenser machine a CNG underground gas pipeline Or from Truck filled with CNG gas Or it can Accept both sources ?.

Thanks & Regards,
Prashant S Akerkar

Don't know this field at all, sorry.

But, I think you are asking about the connection at the cng/ngv tank.  I think most places now are using a quick disconnect type fitting.  It looks like the in the link below:

The quick disconnect explained above complies with ISO b style coupling.

There are other standards used in various types of liquid fuel tanks and delivery systems which require a different pressure level or fuel transfer speed (size of fueling pipeline).

I don't know the variations of the industry but maybe there is a wiki statement on them:

Based on my quick and simple investigation there are many types of tanks, resevoirs and fuel systems that use a different array of connectors and quickdisconnects for transfer of liquid and pressurized gas and fuel products.

I hope this helps somewhat but let me know if you are looking for a more particular fueling system.  


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