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Dear ZZ

Which will be a better Choice for video Recording? Digital Camera or Camcorder?.

Will there be combo products available for video Recording, video playback and still images capture?.


As before, I am not a true expert for this category as I haven't studied nor worked with digital cameras.  So, you can think of me as an 'arm chair' enthusiast.

There are so many innovations going on with digital cameras of all kinds.  It is not only an innovative area but very competitive with manufacturers finding it necessary to introduce new models with new exciting features and capabilities than their previous models.

It takes serious study and attention to keep up with the trends and directions.

I think there are plenty of models which will handle video recording/playback and still images. The category called "Hybrid Cameras/Camcorders" is getting  popular and are moderately expensive.  A simple google search can find them.

So, yes there are combo products now available.  Yes these will do all you suggested.  Which is better choice? There are so many feature rich camera products in the marketplace I think one must do some research on potential models and find a fit of specifications against the type of use one is focusing on accomplishing.  There are products that will fit almost anyone's taste,style, purpose and application.  I think you are covered.  


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