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Electronics/Cybercafes Inside airports.


Dear ZZ

Do you suggest to have cybercafes Inside airports - Local and International in all countries?.


This is not an electronic technical question but I will be glad to offer an opinion.

I looked up a few Internet sites that give the growth rate of worldwide smartphones, tablets, WiFi servers and penetration of high speed service providers such as 3G, 4G and LTE variants. It showed that the growth of all these categories is growing and projection of global penetration is strong.

Then I looked up major airports that now have cyber availability and communications centers and it is growing also. Most major world class airports now have one or more communications centers inside the terminal; some are paid services, some are free to account holders and some are totally free, such as sponsored WiFi hot-spots inside the airport.

Therefore, it seems that a business venture for starting up a cybercafe or some commercial service center would not be a wise investment.

If you are asking about it from a marketing viewpoint it is a bad marketing idea even though some of the cyber spots inside airports are adding video games and such other entertainment services.

If you are asking if such spots are necessary, needed or profitable the answer is mixed.  The need for such cyber spots is diminishing as time goes by as other sources of connectivity to the Internet as outlined above is growing at a rapid rate.

Further, much work is now going on for futuristic systems such as 5G and fiber optic cable delivery to more and more locations, including airports.

I think within 5 years the cyber cafe idea will be a thing of the past.  Connection services will be  mostly via other means and the need for dedicated terminal locations will diminish.

Even the more poor countries have rising availability and market penetration of data devices such as smart hand terminals and tablets with universal connectivity to hot-spots and WiFi servers.

Sorry to be pessimistic about airport cafe spots.  


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