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Electronics/Digital Camera interface with USB Flash drive.


Dear ZZ

Is it possible to interface Digital Camera with USB Flash drive?.

Instead of saving the photo images in the internal Camera memory, Can they be saved in external USB Flash drive?.


I am not a digital camera expert so the best I can give you is a guess.

Most cameras with USB connections are for connecting to a computer so that storage in the camera can be downloaded to the PC, I think.  

You are asking if the USB port can host a flash drive and the camera can be programmed to download to the flash memory stick.

And, there is no reason, technically, that it can't be done. I just don't know if the software in cameras are designed to do it.  Most cameras have places to mount storage memory devices of one kind or another.  Some do use flash memory and USB protocol thus could be used for direct storage of photos and images accumulated in the camera..... I just don't know if and how many cameras have this facility.

I refer you to a camera expert at Allexperts or other knowledge banks.

All the best.

PS: Refer to the following link for some additional thoughts.  


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