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Electronics/Lift or Escalator for Metrorails.


Dear ZZ

Which will be a better Choice for Metrorail?. Is it Lift or Escalator?.


This is not in my area of expertise!

But I will offer an opinion anyway.

Is Metrorail above ground or are you thinking about subway section also?

Is space and cost important?

It seems that architectural issues need to look at space required for installation of the Lift vs Escalator and legal requirement for spill over in case of outage.

It seems that important in the decision would be how many floors that passengers must rise.

And, traffic rate during peak times must taken into consideration.  Such as train occupancy and frequency of stops.  It could require many elevator banks for high volume; or size of elevator box car comes into question.  Also, Escalator keeps on moving (unless it is broken) while Lift requires time for car to come back passenger door.  But, Escalator requires more footprint real estate space.

My opinion is that more assumptions must be included into the question.  Perhaps an architectures evaluation must be conducted in order to know the best fit for space and cost based on duty rate and traffic considerations.

Every installation must be unique.  In perfect world Escalator could be best choice but only if conditions favor it for space, cost, passenger rate and passenger conveniences.

Does that make sense?  Hope this helps you think it through.  


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