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Electronics/Alarm Bell with different ringtones.


Dear ZZ

Is it possible to customise alarm Bell product with different ringtones for the wired Alarm Bell product?.

This could be possible by designing a remote control which will have push buttons Triggered for setting different ringtones in the wired Alarm Bell product?.


Alarm bells can be a very wide range of applications.  The sleep alarm on a smartphone is for personal use as the audio output is a low level.  But, there are apps which can be downloaded from the Apple and/or Android app stores that have such functionality available.  Then the output of the smartphone could be connected to external amp/speaker, for example.

I the alarm bell is a physical ringer using a clapper that is electrically driven to strike the bell according to the power line voltage I don't think you can add ringtones to these electric/mechanical products.

For any other electronic alarm system an electronics engineer could design a module to add the ringtone circuits and switching bank to give exactly what you are asking about.  


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