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What size ups would I need for a massage chair drawing 210w ?

My first question is why do you need a backup? You are in California? Do you have frequent interruptions of electric power?

My second question is if the chair has electric heaters built in.

My third question is if it runs on 110v ac or 220v ac?

If the chair is just for random usage why would you need a UPS backup?

If the chair has no electric heaters then the only time it requires power is for adjustment of the seating position - right?  So, I am still wondering why you need it.  In any event, I would suggest then that you use a supply rated at 250W.

If there are heaters in the  chair you should move up  to a larger size UPS such as a 350w or 450w unit.

Let me know if you have further questions.  


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