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Electronics/Deflation factors.


Dear ZZ

Can you list the factors contributing to deflation in a growing economic nation?.

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Prashant S Akerkar

This question is far away from the field of electronics!  Perhaps you should be referred to other experts in the field of economics.

But, in spite of the question being unrelated I'll give you some links to study on the subject - which requires more than just a simple answer, by the way:

In sum, deflation and the more common effect, inflation, are dependent on supply and demand issues in the national economy. When demand for production/goods is high it leads to price increases; when demand is low it leads to lower prices that producers can expect thus creating a deflation effect.  On a short term bases they are self corrective in an open market society but in closed societies and in long term situations the effects of deflation can be very damaging to the economic viability of the national productive capacities.

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