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Electronics/Alloys in insulators.


Dear ZZ

Is it possible to have alloys in insulators?. i. e mixing two or more insulators to form a strong insulating material.

Examples - Rubber, Plastic, Glass etc


The purpose of the insulator is to prevent leakage and arcing between circuits. The materials used are selected for low resistance to current flow and can also withstand high voltages that are experienced in those applications.

In low voltage environment a simple plastic or rubber is sufficient. In high tension out door places the insulating materials used must be able to not only have high resistance but high voltage arcing or break down. And when it rains the insulating material must shed the collection of water. Finally the insulator must be strong to handle the weight and wind experienced in high tension lines.

Materials research is ongoing in the area and some mixing of various materials is used now. You can google for the subject easily to learn about the field.

At the electronics circuit level standard insulation coatings are used.

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