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Electronics/Ship Geometrical Shape.


Dear ZZ

How will you classify ship geometrical shape?. Is it cylindrical, spherical, elliptical, oval, parabolic, hexagonal etc?.

Is it possible to design different geometrical shapes for Ships?.


This is not an electronics question but I'll give an opinion.

None of the above.  Geometrical shapes are not of interest in designing ship/vessels.  What the designer is likely to have in mind is how best to accomplish the purpose of the final product.  Certain geometric shapes or variations thereof may be employed but more likely by accident or secondary interests rather than focusing on the specific shape.

If any reader of these allexpert comments has a different experience, I'd like to know.

As an designer of electronic circuits I can say that never are we trying to design around some specific set of predetermined configurations but to get the job done with the best set of components and connections that will best do the job.

Does this make sense to you?  


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