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Fig 1
Fig 1  
need help to answer following questions

1 Calculate the voltage across 330Ω          2 Calculate current drawn from the supply          3 Calculate the value of R          4 Power dissipated in 100 Ω          5 Voltage drop in 68 Ω

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This circuit is to test your knowledge or ohms law, parallel and series resistance and power dissipation.

By knowing the current in the 680 ohm resistor you can calculate the voltage drop; then you can calculate the current through the parallel 330 ohm resistor.

Then, you will know the current through R, which is the sum of the two currents.

If you then find the equiv of (68 +39)||100 you know the current and therefore you can determine the voltage at point C.  Thus you know enough to compute any other condition necssary.

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