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Electronics/Diagrama de control de arranque y parada de un motor, incluyendo el START/STOP remoto


QUESTION: Hi Expert,

I am researching on the diagram for the START/STOP of a motor, including the remote START/STOP.
I have found some info on the internet for the START/STOP of a motor, but I have not been so lucky with the remote START/STOP.

Thank you,

ANSWER: Here is a video youtube on how to build your own remote control:

There are other remote control assemblies that could be employed:

You didn't say what kind of service your motor is engaged to work in which would be very important to know in designing the proper remote switching system.

So, if you need more specific information, please let me know and we can go further with the discussion.

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QUESTION: Your links are useful, although I need sample diagrams/schematics, mainly for the remote START/STOP. Please provide sample diagrams/schematics. Thank you.

I need to know the following in order to give you something close to what you are thinking:

ONE:  HP rating of motor.
TWO:  Voltage; AC or DC; single phase or 3 phase; Delta or Y connections
THREE: Wiring box on Motor
FOUR:  Environment (Boat, car, home, warehouse, etc.)
FIVE:  How far away is remote control unit.
SIX :  Wireless or hardwired Remote Stop/Start.
SEVEN: Manual control or automatic/repeat operation.

Then we can get something for you.


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